Covestro as an employer

Employee Benefits - an overview

We want you to feel at home at Covestro. To feel you’re treated fairly and transparently. That means financial security, a healthy work-life balance and generous benefits. The benefits you receive will depend on your location, but are built around these features:
An attractive workplace everyone can be proud of

Joining the number one company in our industry means you can expect to work with the smartest minds in their fields. Working alongside and learning from them, you’ll have the ability to change and transform entire industries. Together we’ll build a business where innovation and smart thinking create economic success and a brighter world for everyone.

Work/life balance

We may act and feel like a start-up sometimes, but we’re an experienced and responsible employer, working in partnership with employees and work councils to ensure we develop an enjoyable and rewarding workplace. This means giving you the flexibility to create the right balance, so you feel rewarded and fulfilled at work, while having the time to enjoy the rewards in your leisure time. It’s an approach that seems to be working – in internal surveys and workshops, our employees tell us they see Covestro as a brighter place to work.

Collaborative work environment

We're number one in our industry. This means you’ll be working alongside recognized experts and game-changers – and learning from some of the smartest scientists in their fields. We’ve created a work environment that encourages trust, respect and sharing of knowledge and expertise. This approach enables our people to develop a range of innovations that have made us a scientific, industrial and economic powerhouse. Together, we’re building an increasingly successful business – enabling us to develop an even more attractive, rewarding and successful workplace.

Health support and well-being

We offer various ways to cultivate a healthy work environment and work life balance. We want you to feel fully supported if you have any health-related issues. So, we offer sports programs, regular medical check-ups, on-the-job medical treatment and innovative workspace concepts to ensure that we enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Individual development

Because we’re always curious, we believe in constant learning and development – enabling our people to grow personally and professionally. Even our most experienced experts learn something new almost every day. So, we’ll give you plenty of opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge that are most relevant to you. We’ll also help you create an individual career development path, with a range of learning opportunities. As well as on-the-job support, you’ll have access to Coversity, our learning and development program, designed to support your personal and professional development and to create leaders of the future.

Your future

In our business, we’re always focused on the future – planning what’s next for us, you and our products. So, at many of our sites we offer individually tailored benefits that put planning decisions about your future in your hands. From career planning, to saving money for the future, buying stocks or converting part of your salary into funds for an early retirement – the decision’s down to you, so you can tailor the benefits depending on your own individual needs.