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      Meet Covestro

      Do you want to be a part of an organization guided by the purpose "To make the world a brighter place"? Then look no further. As a leading chemical company we strive to create value, in line with the sustainability principle: “People, Planet, Profit.” We stand for premium polymer materials, innovation and sustainable products, technologies and solutions. At Covestro we offer challenging internship opportunities for UNITECH students. Are you ready to face real responsibilities with experienced professionals? Find more information on this page!

      Why is doing an internship at Covestro special from other internships?

      Are you looking for an opportunity to gain experience in your field of study or broaden your experience with a new or complementing area? We welcome you to be courageous and curious to deepen your knowledge in your area of expertise or broaden you perspectives and explore new areas in where you would like to grow and develop.

      An internship at Covestro is much more than a simple introduction to the working world. Working alongside recognized experts, with real responsibility, you’ll gain invaluable experience that will stand you in good stead throughout your career. With a variety of challenging opportunities, you’ll find something to suit your expectations and needs.

      You can apply for Internships in a multitude of areas and fields, Covestro will help you find what the best position is for you based on your interests and area of study. You will be surprised on how diverse the Covestro employee backgrounds are! Read more about specific opportunities in the Stories from UNITECH interns section to get some insights on how it is to work at Covestro and what you can do.

      UNITECH Internship for UNITECH Students

      Covestro offers internships for Unitech Students in various Locations and Departments. Right from the start you will be challenged to find better solutions for our customers or further develop our own Technology in our Plants or improve real cases and Business Processes within our different industries we're operating in.

      Start your application

      Stories from UNITECH interns

      Culture at Covestro

      Our shared values help us make things better every day. We’re curious, courageous and colorful. We believe in open, two-way communication and creating an open-minded, accountable, empowered and united community of minds. That’s how we ensure we’re the most innovative partner in our industry. That is how we push boundaries. In order to fulfill our purpose we see diversity of any kind as a strength and a reason to our company’s success. We welcome you to join us, challenge preconceptions and engage in dialogue with your colleagues!

      In Q1 2020 exciting things are happening in Leverkusen! The newly built headquarters will open and foster the idea of open innovation, in a state of the art facility.

      More information about Covestro

      Interns community

      There is a big intern community at Covestro that organizes regular events, where you can meet people from different countries and even more departments doing their internships just like you. Get started by joining the weekly interns’ lunch!

      Possibilities for German students

      Interested in an internship at Covestro outside Germany? Covestro is a global company with production sites and offices world over. Explore the possibility for an internship in Italy, Belgium or why not Spain?

      Practical information

      The Covestro headquarter is based in Leverkusen, located directly on the Rhine River in the industrial heart of western Germany. In the Leverkusen site, 3200 employees are located working in various fields at the headquarters, production or research and development. If you are interested in production efficiency and environmental compatibility, the new TDI plant in Dormagen will for sure catch your attention. In this plant innovative technology developed by Covestro is implemented in industrial scale, creating a new standard!

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