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      Let’s make the start of your journey 

      When you’ve found an opportunity that suits you and you’re ready to apply, this is where you’ll find guidance on how to make an application that succeeds and what to expect from our recruitment processes.

      Are you ready for a more colorful career? Then go to our Job Search to discover our full range of opportunities, from internships and trainees to technicians, skilled workers and managerial roles.

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      Making your application

      Our selection process is as much about whether we’re a good fit for you, as whether you’re a good match for us. This two-way process relies on us both sharing as much information as possible.

      Online form

      Applying at Covestro is quick and easy. When you’ve found a job that interests you and meets your expectations, you can apply uploading a PDF, Word document or even your LinkedIn profile. by parsing your PDF or Word DOC or even by uploading your LinkedIn Profile. Alternatively, you can fill in our online form, so we can get to know you better.

      This is an opportunity to share information about yourself, your skills and your achievements. You don’t have to fill in every section, but you must complete all the fields marked with a red asterisk. You may also upload attachments that total up to 5 MB in size.

      You also have the opportunity to include a covering letter. Use this to tell us why you’re interested in the role and to highlight your qualifications and experience that show how you’d fit in at Covestro. For example, tell us about when you’ve shown curiosity or courage in your work, or give an example of your individual thinking.


      If you pass our selection process, our recruitment team will contact you to set up an interview. This may be a phone interview, in person, or as part of an assessment. The main purpose is to get to know each other and find out if we’re a good fit.

      We try to make it fairly relaxed, because we want to meet the ‘real’ you. However, you’ll get the most out of it if you do some preparation. For instance, think about how your qualifications and experience make you the best person for the role. It’s also a good idea to prepare some examples of how you reflect our culture and values – when you’ve been curious, courageous or worked in multi-national or multi-disciplinary teams. Don’t forget to prepare some questions for us!

      If we decide to make you an offer, we’ll contact you to talk through the details and sign an employment contract.

      How long will it take?

      We aim to make applying to Covestro as easy as possible. Once you´ve identified an opportunity you’re interested in, you can automatically fill in our application form using one-click application with your LinkedIn Profile or your resume/CV. Or you can complete the form yourself – it should only take a few minutes. After you’ve created a candidate account, you can check the status of your application at any time. You can also use your profile to apply for other Covestro roles that might suit you.

      And no need to worry – we always apply the relevant data security regulatory standards for your country to all the information you supply.

      Welcome to Covestro - Onboarding

      From your first day, we’ll help you to settle in and start contributing to our business, with a tailored onboarding program that will get you up and running as quickly as possible.

      You’ll have a few onboarding events and training sessions organized for you from day one, so you understand our business and culture, as well as your team’s function and your role in it. We’ll also assign a buddy and/or mentor to you, who you can turn to for advice at any time. And your manager will always be on hand to talk you through your objectives and to introduce you to the key people, so you can start to build a useful Covestro network. Your manager will also give you regular feedback as you settle in and will help you to pinpoint useful training you might need. It’s all designed to help you become a major contributor to our business as soon as possible.

      Applying - FAQs

      Where can I find the latest career opportunities at Covestro?
      You can search for all our current vacancies and apply for them online.

      What are the minimum academic requirements to apply?
      This will depend on the role you’re applying for. Details of the minimum academic requirements are listed in the relevant job description, so please remember to check you have the required qualifications.

      I want to send you my CV/resume. What’s the best way to do that?
      We usually only look at CVs if they’re attached as part of an application for a current vacancy. You can find out if we have a suitable role for you on the job search page. If you need to include your CV when you complete the application form, we’ll let you know.

      How long do I have to wait until I get feedback after I apply online?
      After applying, you’ll get an automated email confirming that our recruiting team’s received your application. We can’t specify how soon you’ll hear back from the recruiter, as this will depend on the role and on the number of applications the recruiter receives.

      I have an interview with Covestro coming up. What’s the best way to prepare?
      We’ve put together some ‘hints and tips’ to help you prepare for your interview. See the section 'Interview' above for detailed information.

      Does Covestro attend any career events in my country?
      You can find out about local opportunities in your area by visiting the Events section

      How do I get in touch if I have any questions?
      If you’d like to ask a question that we haven’t answered in this FAQ section, you can use our contact section.

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