No matter how bold you are in your thinking, or what different perspectives you bring, your curiosity means you’ll always be looking to learn. So, we’ll give you an environment that supports your ongoing personal and professional development.

We’ll give you opportunities to build on your curiosity by developing your skills and confidence, identifying and enhancing your strengths and making the most of your growth potential. That means preparing you for new roles and challenges and supporting your career progression at every step.

Coversity is our learning and training program, designed to support personal and professional development for all our people and develop our leaders of the future. It combines traditional face-to-face training and coaching with online and self-driven learning and includes both internal and external courses. Based on your individual needs, Coversity offers access to training opportunities relating to the business function you’re in, such as compliance and financial issues, as well as the project management or leadership skills you need to progress your career.

As well as taking advantage of our formal training opportunities, you’ll need the aptitude and courage to drive your own learning through your day-to-day work. We give you the freedom and resources to push boundaries and develop your ideas. And, with our flat, flexible management structures, you’ll have the chance to network, communicate, share knowledge, exchange, work in cross-functional teams, and build and develop ideas inside and outside of the company.

We learn from each other by encouraging constructive, challenging and open feedback between managers and teams, so you can expect a two-way dialogue about your performance and development.

We believe that progress comes from experimentation, accepting failure and learning from our mistakes, so we encourage and recognize innovative thinking through our innovation awards.